Blood and Honour magazine 29


A living inspiration and example of the true National Socialist, an introduction

“More and more people are opening their eyes and coming to see that Hitler was right. They are coming to see that our real enemies, the people we should have fought, were not Hitler and the National Socialists of Germany but ‘World Jewry’ and it’s associates in this country.”
Colin Jordan – First NSM meeting, July 02nd, 1962, London’s Trafalgar Square
Colin Jordan was born in 1923 in Birmingham. He attended Warwick School where he won a university scholarship in History. Volunteering for the Fleet Air Arm, but unsuccessful on a pilot’s course, transferred to the Royal Air Force. While on deferred service awaiting flying training, his political ideas so developed that at the end of 1944, when deferred service personnel were transferred to the Army as then surplus to requirements, he declared his political opposition to the war and his support for a negotiated peace. As a result he was sent to the Royal Army Medical Corps in which he later became a unit educational instructor. On demobilisation he took up his adjourned studies ay Cambridge University. While doing so he also organised a University Nationalist Club, served on the staff of the University newspaper Varsity, and was a front bench speaker in debates at the Union Society. He graduated in 1949 with an Honours Degree. While at Cambridge he had joined the British Peoples Party and been elected to its National Council, and on leaving Cambridge he founded a Birmingham Nationalist Club which he conducted until moving to Leeds to take up a teaching post, and later moving to the Scottish Highlands as representative for a major company. During this period his first book Fraudulent Conversion, was published in 1955. Returning to the Midlands and to teaching, he joined the League of Empire Loyalists, becoming its Midlands Organiser, before founding the White Defence League in 1958. This merged with another organisation in 1960 to form a British National Party of which he was the chief officer, and from it emerged the National Socialist Movement under his leadership. Solely because of the NSM’s July 1962 Trafalgar Square rally, Colin Jordan was dismissed from his teaching post and disqualified as a teacher. He was then prosecuted and convicted for his speech at the rally and for his part in the NSM’s defence corps, and given a total of ten months imprisonment. In 1967 he was gaoled again, given 18 months for his writings. In 1968 the NSM was replaced by the British Movement under his leadership. In 1975 personal commitments obliged his retirement. Moving to Yorkshire home of his paternal ancestors, he has since confined himself to his writings.

“…the struggle is the great purpose of life. Even if it could be proved beyond the slightest doubt that we will not succeed and are doomed to failure, it would still be a necessity of life for the real National Socialist to fight for the cause to the utmost, and to inflict as such punishment as possible on the enemy.” Colin Jordan


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