Rede Heinrich Himmler vor Volkssturm

In rigorously resisting and rejecting all the befuddling and distracting talk about uniting the “right wing” with us as part of it, we must from this moment onwards completely and constantly disown this term as applied so commonly, wrongly and harmfully to us, along with the nationalists. This rejection is a vital part of the purification and clarification nec- essary for the creation of the combat efficient force we must have for our victory. We National-Socialists are no part of Democracy’s political pattern, right, left or centre. We are wholly outside it and wholly against it, and intent on declaring and demonstrating this.

As part of the rejection of the right wing label, along with calls for our involvement in right wing unity, we have firmly to resist and sternly to expose and denounce the recurrent disposition of those who accept the label to fancy that there is some easier way to better things by fondly grasping at some right wing figure of Democracy’s old parties as some shin- ing white hope of salvation. We have had this furore in the past here in the U.K. with Enoch Powell serving Democracy as a safety valve on the issue of Coloured immigration, appearing to wishful thinkers galore to be raising a banner of competent revolt against this alien invasion, while all the time remaining a devotee of the system inherently responsible for it.

Recently another pied piper from the same political abode playing much the same political tune to beguile the public and boost his prestige, came on stage and predictably attracted an instant accolade from the legions of undiscerning optimists who seemingly never learn. This second seducer was appropriatelya second Winston Churchill. His grandfather was that calamitous character who, for the benefit of the Jewish cause which he espoused for his political and financial advancement, put us into and kept us in the inferno of the Second World War to the bitter end of unconditional surrender to an insanity resulting in all our present afflictions.

Winston No.2 won all his instantaneous and resounding hurrahs from the credulous congregation of the right wing for what resolved down into no more than a virtually useless proposal to slow down slightly the process of making Britain Coloured. Thus all he had to offer was a slight delay in attaining this culmination of that descent to ruin so powerfully pro- moted by that supreme showman of spurious patriotism, his grandfather, winston No.1. A founder-member of the Inter-parliamentary Council against Anti-Semitism, who has told the London Jewish Chronicle that he wants “ex- emplary sentences” for those “who incite racism” , Winston No. 2, toast of the nitwits of the right wing, did not even call for a complete stop to further immigration. So he never went beyond this to suggest anything at all to encourage the departure of any part of the millions who are already here, thanks to all he and his Conservative and Liberal and Labour fellow political criminals have or have not done over the decades since his grandfather made war on Aryan racial resurgence.

Even if, contrary to both Churchills, all further Coloured immigration was permanently stopped tomorrow, there are already so many Coloureds here, and they are breeding so fast that it is only a matter of time, and not so very long at that, before they become Democracy’s majority. Then the Aryans who have trod, worked, fought for the land, and died here time out of mind, bringing about a unique blend of blood and soil, will become a dissipated, demoralized, dwindling minority in what was once their homeland, facing extinction by reduced reproduction and miscegenation. That is our destiny under Democracy, the death system of the Aryan.

Even if, in addition to stopping all further entry by Coloureds, there was some encouragement to repatriation solely on a voluntary basis by means of some financial inducement, as has been proposed in various circles of the right wing, it would be woefully inadequate to remove the Coloured set- tlers as a whole or any great part of them. Coloured immigrants swarmed here and still do, despite the tricks of Democracy’s politicians to dis- semble -precisely because of the benefits of residence and citizenship. The vast majority of them will only be induced to depart voluntarily if, in addition to any reasonable repatriation grant and other assistance, those benefits are withdrawn from them, something you can be absolutely certain the politicians of Democracy, along with right wing nationalists, will never contemplate.

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National-Socialism, as the right ideology and only remedy, has to be carefully differentiated from Fascism with which it is commonly and conveniently lumped by opponents, and carelessly confused by adherents. The former is founded on and inseparable from the conception of the folk or racial community. This determines the nation, and this delineates its citizenship. With National-Socialism, as Arnold Leese put it, “Race is the basis of politics” .

It inescapably follows from this that National-Socialism, properly understood in its inevitable implications, is not and cannot be simply a conventional nationalism, even one based on a proclaimed racial identity, albeit one geographically circumscribed and confined. Racial characteristics, whatever the particular blend within a particular country, transcend the boundary of that country, and thus potentially unite where the barriers of conventional nationalism divide. The Aryans of this earth have been brought to their present appalling plight by way of the divisive wars of conventional nationalism with non-Aryans fostering and profiting by the friction. The creed of salvation must thus be one of pan-Aryan racialism.

Fascism, despite merits, is not founded on Race, and is not pan-Aryan. Instead it is only a reformed and vitalized nationalism for the old, geographical, national state. This is why Mussolini in his early days of power, before the influence of Germany as an ally was felt, had Jewish colleagues, and the Fascist Week in the U.K. (27 April -3 May 1934) included a report that “The Chief Rabbi (of Italy) was a Fascist, and was a strong supporter of Mussolini.” It is why his granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini -standing as a candidate for the modified version of the MSI in the March 1994 elections, and obtaining 50.4% of the vote in the racial rubbish heap of Naples happily played the part of a Jewess in a 1989 film, and dismisses anti-Jewish opinion as “old hat” (Sunday Telegraph 5 December 1993)

Based on recognition of Race, and with this being not only the recognition of and zeal to preserve the racial identity of the Aryan folk as distinct from other folk, but recognition also of qualitative differences within the folk itself, and the need therefore to improve the breed as the most effective way to produce a better society; National-Socialism applies this racial outlook to all aspects of government and all else of life in a totality of comprehension. It derives an ardour for economic and social justice from the notion of kinship; an adhesion to leadership within a hierarchy of talent and responsibility from an appreciation of the workings of Nature conducive to the ascendancy of the superior; and from this oneness with Nature a desire to conserve by organic management the resources of this planet.


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FOLK The immediately preceding instalment in this series


The immediately preceding instalment in this series dealt with one of the great Rs in the lexicon of the Vanguard: Religion. This instalment proceeds to deal with the second: Race. It does so within the context of the community of race, designated as the Folk, and this in historic per- spective. Religion and Race go hand in hand in complementary roles. In their interaction the spirit of man is a reflection of the physical and mental nature of the body, and this nature is in turn a reflection of his spirit.

A most vital requirement, which must become an unfailing hallmark of the men and women of the Vanguard, is the attainment of a high degree of racial awareness; this, joined to the religious awareness already dealt with, being the precondition for their role in the struggle for victory which thereby can, even now, be successful. This racial awareness is tri- partite in constituent requirements, encompassing a knowledge of racial differentiations, a knowledge of racial history, and a knowledge of our racial jeopardy today and for the future.

The thesis now to be presented, summarized in advance, is that all that has been illustrious in the past of our people has been no mere product of environmental factors identically affecting all human beings, but instead the inseparable consequence of the distinctive racial nature and outstand- ing racial capacity of our people, inconceivable without that nature and that capacity. Through that racial nature and capacity our people have been pre-eminently the makers of civilization.

Today in the cumulative consequence of a long period of decline, cur- rently aggravated and accelerated most massively, the makers of civilization, and thus civilization itself, are undergoing drastic decline leading to eventual disappearance. Just as we are confronted with a spiritual sickness, contained in Christianity, which has to be overcome, so too we are confronted with its corollary, a racial sickness, specifically equalitarian multiracialism, which has to be defeated if it is not to defeat and end us.

Today we lie in the deadly grasp of Democracy, declared to be the finest conceivable system, yet instead to be discerned as just about the very worst imaginable because of the extent to which it inherently serves to disguise and defraud concerning its purposes, workings and consequences. Instead of devotion to the production, protection and elevation of higher humanity as the indispensable means for a higher human society in fulfil- ment of Nature’s evolutionary design, Democracy in all its known practice is manifestly devoted to the disregard, the denial and the dismissal of this purpose.

The underlying design of Democracy’s masters is to bring about a derac- inated, mongrelized, standardized, man-centred, materialistic, consumer- conceived world citizen. This is so because such a processed deviant will be the human unit most advantageous to the would-be controllers of the globe in pursuit of their purses and power. Thus the synthetic serf who is the designed subject of Democracy, instead of being distinguished as a member of the Folk, the community of his race, is conceived as a creature of the market place of the world, a conforming unit in a global herd, a consumer of material products and manufactured ideas, kept subdued and con- tent with the lure of lucre and the lust of commercialized sex.
Conflicting with Nature’s purpose of upliftment over all past milleniums, and instead pursuing the path all history has shown to be that of the downfall and disappearance of civilizations of the past, the system and society of Democracy is thus intended to multiply and elevate the in- ferior of this earth in place of the superior; this for the better benefit of the rapacious lords of this earth. Herein lies the succinct truth expressed by Britain’s great pioneer of the Folk ideal, Arnold Leese, in the three words: “Democracy is Death. ”

The furtherance of this deadly racial design of Democracy amounts to a colossal conspiracy of harm reaching into every part of life. It starts in the schools with the ruthless and rigid exclusion of all Folk knowledge, and the systematic suppression of our children’s instinctive racial sensitivity, and in its place the persistent and multifarious indoctrination of race mixture, accompanied by unisexual and even homosexual egalitarianism. For this mental rape and perversion of our children the foul perpetrators of this crime, namely teachers, rightly deserve to be shot on sight, one and all of them, even if we currently confine ourselves to their execration.

Beyond that starting point in the schools, serving as incubators of racial ruin, a miasma is daily disgorged by the enemies of our Folk throughout every avenue of life and into all reaches of society, stiffling racial knowledge and numbing racial sensitivity. Others of alien race, even the very lowest in capacity, are ceaselessly projected and elevated favourably to familiarize us with them as acceptable, facilitating the next diabolical step which is to accustom the public to interracial integration and sex. The coming together on the television screen and in the newspaper and magazine columns is intended to find its culmination in the bedroom, and thereby on the deathbed of our race which is miscegenation. Here again the responsible enemies of our Folk, wreaking their hate and harm, richly deserve the most severe and salutary punishment.

So it is that this conspiracy is in reality nothing short of genocide. In support of this contention there can now be cited the Genocide Convention of none other than one segment of the vast apparatus of that conspiracy, to wit the United Nations. This Convention defined “Acts Constituting Genocide” in its Article II as follows:- “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such.” It then went on to include as one of these Acts:
(c) “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”
Think about this, and you will surely come to appreciate that this is exactly what in all its implications, present and future is happening: genocide ! Only a lunatic, however, would expect any succour from the United Nations for this form of genocide.
At this point, before proceeding to distinguish and define in detail what is meant by our “Folk”, and to identify its making of civilization in recent milleniums, thereby evaluating the loss if Democracy succeeds in its ultimate objectives, so that an Age of Darkness descends on the world; some consideration of geophysical prehistory affecting our most distant ances- tors will be useful to set matters in fuller perspective. This will allow for the likelihood of civilizatiqns beyond our ken and record in these present days when our own civilization is crumbling away.

The warnings now being issued as to the gigantic and disastrous effects to be expected from what is called “global warming” should make us more readily receptive to the indications of long distant, vast upheavals in the world’s ground surfaces water levels and climate occurring repeatedly for one reason or another from the point of the world’s creation out of the infinity of the universe. The emergent fact is that of interminable flux as the characteristic of that universe. With its recognition must surely come the realization of the possibility at least, even without signs which exist and increase, of great and vanished civilizations besides and preceding the recorded ones of general acquaintance.

A stimulus to this expanded perception of life is provided by a 1995 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, reflecting a consensus of 2,000 top meteorologists and other experts consulted, which recorded several of Antarctica’s ice sheets disintegrating, flowers and grasses rapidly appearing there, and seas rising rapidly with, as the result in view, “the end of a 10,000-year period in which relatively stable climate has allowed human civilization to begin and flourish.” (Independent on Sunday15 october 1995)

This mention of melting ice sheets and a rise in sea level calls to mind the fascinating abundance of folk memories of lost lands and sunken civilizations, a lesser one of which was the reputed land of Lyonesse, featured in Arthurian legend, said to have been located off the south coast of Cornwall between Land’s End and the Scilly Isles, and eventually submerged. Another was the sunken continent of Mu, investigated and presented by James Churchward in his books including “The Lost Continent of Mu” (Futura Publications, 1974). He located Mu in the Pacific as extending from north of Hawaii to as far south as the Fijis and Easter Island; described it as dominated by a White race, and declared it was obliterated by terrific earthquakes and associated submersion 12,000 years ago.
Best known of all is Atlantis, subject of speculation in hundreds of books as to its whereabouts in the Atlantic or elsewhere: a fabulous land of spectacular development which also experienced terrestrial upheaval, an upheaval causing its submergence. JUrgen Spanuth (“Atlantis of the North” Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1979) plausibly centred it on Heligoland, and dated its submergence in the sea at 1200 B.C. He equated it with the land of the Hyperboreans, depicted in the myths of Ancient Greece as a people living in a land of sunshine and plenty beyond the north wind to whose wonderful apple orchard Homer made reference, and which has a suggestive simi- larity to the Hesperides, or Islands of the Blessed of Ancient Greek and Roman myth, home of the legendary golden apples of immortality. This also connects with the Arthurian legend of the apple island called Avalun or Avalon to which King Arthur was conveyed after death. The “Oera Linda Book” , an ancient history of the Nordic Frisians of present-day Holland, spoke of a lost land of Atland as an outstandingly civilized, large landmass around the north and east of the British Isles which was submerged in 2193 B.C. in consequence of a cosmic impact. Its climate was described as sub-tropical, a contrast to that of the area today which, however, should occasion no surprise when account is taken of the fact that Greenland is known once to have had a sub-tropical climate also, and scientific investigations have shown that the coasts of the Antarctic Continent were once free from ice and that the south polar climate was warm. Indeed a Dr. B.G. Tilak has put forward the speculation that about 10,000 years ago all the Aryan tribes lived in the polar region, but were forced south when the ice sheet formed there.

Whether this particular theory is sustainable or not, it is an accepted fact that after 1400 B.C. the climate changed in Britain and across Europe, becoming colder and wetter than before. As for the recurrent alterations in sea level, one has only to take note of the undisputed fact that Britain was once physically joined to the Continent of Europe, and that Alaska and Siberia were once upon a time similarly joined, to find nothing unbelievable or even strange in the legends of lost lands.

Folk legends so often preserve at least a kernel of historical fact lost to conventional history. Indeed, enshrined in the nursery stories of giants and the folk tales of “wee folk” may well be the persistent memory of some distant time when a breed of huge humans did exist, and also a period when a breed of dwarfish humans did live in caves and underground refuges, both becoming extinct by slaughter or mutation or cosmic collision.

A remarkable change of climate at the poles is easily and sufficiently explained by a geographical shift of the poles towards the equator, or even a full geographical reversal of the poles; given a necessary triggering phenomenon. Such a triggering phenomenon could be a change for whatever reason in the polar magnetic axis, or alternatively the effect of some planetary body passing very near to the earth, if not actually hitting it. A prominent exponent of the latter explanation was Immanuel Velikovsky (“Worlds in Collision”, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1950) who contended that the planet Venus, born from Jupiter, passed near to the earth, nearly colliding with it, before settling into orbit. This had catastrophic effects, including maybe tilting the earth’s axis, and occurred about 3,500 years ago.
Relevant to polar change is an amazing map of the world published in 1531 A.D. by a leading cartographer of the time, Oronteus Finaeus, which showed an Antarctic with an ice-free circumference and accurately marked rivers and mountains not visible today because under a great depth of ice. The cartographic section of the U.S. Air Force at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts, U.S.A., investigated the map some years ago and concluded that it was very accurate. one can thus only suppose that the map was based on some record of the long distant past now unknown to the world.

The Finnish epic, “The Kalevala”, pointed to a time of cosmic upheaval when, temporarily, the sun and thus the image of the moon disappeared from the sky. This, presumably, was due to the irregular interposition of some other cosmic force.

The great master of the sublime music of our race, Richard Wagner, portrayed in “Gotterdammerung”, the final phase of his operatic cycle, “The Ring”, the Ragnarok of Norse legend, the culminating conflict of forces out of which the old order is destroyed, but from which destruction a new order is generated. Ragnarok, the legend has it, was precipitated by the Fimbelvetr, the terrible winter when the frost giants ruled. This may be taken as the figurative folk memory of one of the recurrent ice ages experienced by our planet as a result of cosmic alteration of one kind or another.

What has been said so far concerning cosmic change and catastrophe brings us to the theory of Hans Horbiger (1860-1931). As expounded in “The Glacial Cosmogony of Horbiger” BY Philip Fauth, published in German in 1913, the greater part of it written by Horbiger himself, t:his is the theory of perpetual struggle in infinite space between fire and ice, the forces of attraction and repulsion, resulting in recurrent extinction and renewal. It is a theory providing a comprehensive vision of the evolution of the cosmos, and the changes on earth, corroborated by ancient mythology. It accounts for great civilizations preceding the more immediate and publicized ones by hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years. Such a time- scale makes a back-cloth against which our own contemporary situation of rise and fall becomes dwarfed !in contextual significance, however much we in that situation rightly invest it with relative importance.
In the beginning of the earth, said Horbiger, there was a generative conflict between fire and ice in that a far larger sun than at present col- lided with a huge planet of cosmic ice which penetrated it deeply, result- ing in an explosion out of which was ejected the material to form the earth and its moon. This explanation echoes the ancient Norse Edda, repository of much ancient record in mythical form, which speaks of Ginnungagap as a place and time where matter (ice) and energy (fire) came together in an act of creation.

According to Horbiger, the key to an understanding of great geological and climatic changes which time and time again have convulsed the earth, bringing a sudden and catastrophic end to civilization after civilization beyond our ken, and which will happen again and again, lies in our moon, or more precisely in the succession of our moons. The moon over an immensity of time, he contended, is caused to approach the earth in an ever-narrowing spiral which brings it even to hit the earth, and thereafter to relinquish its role in relation to the earth, moving off into space, to be replaced by another secondary planet attracted into service as an orbiting satellite of the earth.

In the course of this lunar descent on the earth, the gravitational pull of the satellite causes the earth’s seas to rise greatly, drowning people and places, artefacts and edifices and the accumulated knowledge of civilizations. The moon we see today, illuminated by the sun as the powerhouse and life-giver of our existence, is the fourth of such satellites to be captured by the earth, said HSrbiger. His theory has been summarized in English by H.S. Bellamy in his “Moons, Myths and Man” (Faber & Faber, Lon- don, 1936).

Whatever the verdict on Horbiger’s theory, there is undeniable need for a structure of thought which is nothing less than cosmic and lifewide in order to generate the power of mind, through the force of comprehension, to tackle successfully the task confronting us. Such an all – embracing outlook is named a “Weltanschauung” in German National-Socialist terminology. Those without it, meaning mere nationalists, “patriots” and nominal but underdeveloped National-Socialists, lack all that greater capacity for, successful struggle to be derived from breadth and depth of knowledge put to action by zeal and faith, and so cannot cope with the demands of that struggle. The purpose of “The Way Ahead’ is a mobilization and equipment of the mind through the full development of the inherent implications of the National-Socialist Weltanschauung.

Let us move on now to consider and establish definitions of Race as the prior step to further examination of the subject. Here the first choice is between the school of thought which establishes by a grouping of physical and mental characteristics a number of races as overlying the contemporary nation-states, thus providing a basis of thought for a bond transcending those nation-states; and, on the other hand, that school of thought which views a nation – state as itself creating in time, through common residence and common culture within it, a race out of nationality.
An exponent of the latter view was Sir Arthur Keith in his book “A New Theory of Human Evolution”. An exponent of the former was Hans F.K. Gunther. The writer of this article adheres to the attitude of this last authority. He accepts that the community of a contemporary nation-state does create.through the mingling within it over the course of time a distinct blend of people which may be regarded as being a secondary race. However, he views this as after all a blend of primary races, each one of which is manifest as extending beyond national boundaries by virtue of its points of identity or at least most close similarity transcending those points of difference between nations brought about by the formative conditions of national segregation.

The classification thus overstepped is one which this writer feels over- states the ethnic significance of nationality. It is one, he feels, which carried to its logical conclusion opens the door to that grievous article of faith of Democracy that residence, not race, is the determinant of nationality. Hence anything and everything human taking up residence here in Britain automatically becomes as British as our ancestral racial stock. Nationality, thereby, becomes reduced basically to a matter just of geography.

There is next the need to avoid the pitfall of reading racial significance into what is really only a linguistic link. This is the assumption that because people speak the same language they are necessarily akin racially which is most clearly not so. Taken to extreme lengths this fallacy would racially equate the English-speaking Negro from Trinidad with an English-speaking descendant of the Vikings in the Yorkshire Dales. On a less ridiculous but still fallacious level, this mode of assessment confuses and combines quite different racial elements among the White people of Europe and the rest of the world.

This now brings us to consideration of the term “Aryan” and differences of opinion on this score. On the one hand there are those who argue that the term is of linguistic significance only, relating to peoples speaking languages of such marked similarity as to justify the banding together of those languages as “Indo – European”; and that accordingly it should be abandoned as a racial term. Gunther is among them, saying: “To-day the term Aryan has gone out of scientific use and its use is not advisable Racial investigation in the beginning sometimes called the (non-existing) white or Caucasian race Aryan; later the peoples of Indo – European speech were occasionally called Aryan; and finally the Nordic race also was termed Aryan” (P. 257 “Racial Elements of European History” (Methuen, London, 1927).
In agreement with Gunther is Madison Grant, author of the equally important work, “The Passing of the Great Race” (Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1918); reprinted in 1970 by Arno Press Inc., U.S.A. He dismissed as “mythical” the denotement of an Aryan race, saying: “The name’ Aryan race , must also be frankly discarded as a term of racial significance …although there was at one time, of course, an identity between the original Aryan tongue and the race which first spoke and developed it” (P. 67).

In conflict is the learned L.A. Waddell who in his massive tome, “The Makers of Civilization in Race and History” (Luzac & Co., London, 1929) developed his case impressively for the usage of the term as a synonym for the Nordic race. He endorsed the English scientific writer, T.H. Huxley, who in an article entitled “The Aryan Question” in the Nineteenth Century magazine (November 1890) stated “There was and is an Aryan race, that is to say the characteristic modes of speech termed Aryan were developed among the Blond Longheads alone, however much some of these may have been modified by the importation of Non Aryan elements.”

A middle ground is occupied by those, seemingly including Adolf Hitler, who have used the term not as an indiscriminate one for all of the White races speaking Indo-European languages, but for people who have at least a substantial Nordic element in them, if not a predominance of that element, the rest of their racial make-up being of other White stock. Providing use of the term does refer to a substantial Nordic element in those to whom it is applied, it seems acceptable. Otherwise the collective term “White” – accepting that this is properly speaking not a reference to some single race but to the whole array of White races – seems preferable.

That Hitler’s National-Socialism conceived and cherished the Nordic element as the central and most important element of what it referred to as “Aryan” is borne out by the emphasis placed on it by that National-Socialism’s vanguard, the SS. Its Engagement and Marriage Decree, issued above Himmler’s signature, stipulated: 1. “The SS is an association of German men of Nordic determination selected on special criteria.”

In now distinguishing the various White races, the five-fold classification of Hans F.K. Gunther will be followed. The first of these races, and for us ancestrally the most important, is the Nordic Race, which Waddell and Gunther were in agreement on as being the great creator and mainstay of civilization. In physical characteristics the Nordic is tall, longheaded, narrow – faced with a narrow nose with a high bridge, smooth or wavy blond or brown hair, deep – sunk blue or grey eyes, and a fair skin. In mental characteristics the Nordic is frank, boldly courageous, inquisitive, given to calm judgement; has a strong sense of justice and is endowed with energy and also restraint and self – discipline. He is marked out to be an organizer, an aristocrat, a leader and a ruler.
Next is the Mediterranean Race which in physical characteristics is short in stature, long -headed, narrow-faced with a narrow nose which has a high bridge, smooth or curly brown or black hair, deep-sunk brown eyes and a brownish skin. In mental characteristics the Mediterranean is passionate and excitable, highly individualistic, and with a lesser sense of law and order than the Nordic, but in artistic accomplishment he can excel the Nordic.

Thirdly we have the Alpine Race, physically characterized as short in stature, round – headed, broad – faced with a flat and short nose with a low bridge, and with stiff brown or black hair, obtrusive brown eyes and yellow -brownish,skin. Alpines are characteristically hardworking, stolid and narrow – minded and unimaginative, lacking initiative, and averse to individuality.

Next is the Dinaric Race which in physical characteristics is tall, short-headed, narrow-faced with a very distinctive steep back to the head, having a very prominent nose with a high bridge, curly brown or black hair’, deep-sunk brown eyes and a brownish skin. The Dinarics are downright, good- tempered and brave, and rated by some as second among the races of Europe for mental capacity.

Finally of the five races of Europe is the East Baltic Race; short in stature, short-headed, distinctively broad-faced across the cheek-bones, with a rather broad and short nose with a low bridge, and with stiff and light hair and grey or whitish blue eyes and a light skin with a grey undertone. People of this race are inclined to have a changeable disposition, and, it is said, to act without thinking and to think without acting.

What marks out the European nations, one from another, are the proportions of the mixture of the five races distinguished by Gunther. These proportions can be viewed both laterally in the populations of districts and individually in the racial composition of persons. From this an over- all assessment can be reached. Doing so, Gunther, writing in the 1920s, assessed Britain then as Nordic 55-60%, Mediterranean 30% and Alpine 10%. A reprint of Gunthers classic work, a copy of which should be in the home of every member of the Vanguard .

Other good sources for the books on Race and Folk History and other aspects of National-Socialism which need to be systematically studied by men and women of the Vanguard to fit themselves for their role are: In the UK Historical Review Press ,PO Box 62 , Uckfield , Sussex , TN22 ,1 ZY , UK and in the USA : National Vanguard Books, P.O. Box 330, Hillsboro, WV 24946, U.S.A. From the U.K. and elsewhere outside the U.S.A. send an international reply coupon for a current catalogue.

In thus making a racial assessment across Europe, there is need to take into account the appreciable influx of other racial elements from outside Europe into many parts of it. This has happened not only in the present century and most substantially during the second half of it in consequence of Democracy’s disastrous “victory” in its anti-Aryan Second World War; but also in times long earlier. This influx came about partly through hostile incursions.
One such was that of the Asiatic Huns who overran and remained in occupation of much of Europe for a couple of centuries commencing with the 4th A.D. Another was that of the Moors, a mixture of Arabs and Berbers from North Africa who invaded Spain in the 8th Century A.D., and, while defeated by the Nordic Franks under Charles Martel in 732 A.D., were not finally ejected from Europe till 1492 with the result that many Spaniards today show the genetical evidence of the long Moorish residence. A third was that of the Asiatic Turks, originating in Mongolia, who in 1550 had gained control of the Balkans, Greece remaining under that control for nearly 400 years till 1821, and with substantial racial results.

Besides such hostile incursions there was also the importation of slaves such as in Roman times. Later on there was the admission of colonial subjects, such as the Malays into Holland since the 17th Century A.D.; and the miscegenation which sooner or later resulted from this.

In consequence, Eastern Europe obtained both a Hither Asiatic strain and an Inner Asiatic strain, which latter strain is also present in Northern Finland and in Sweden and Norway. Southern Europe, particularly Spain and the south of Italy, obtained a Hither Asiatic strain also, along with a Negro element. Spain and the south of Italy also obtained a lesser Oriental strain. Considering Jews now, and continuing to refer to Gunther as our authority, he began by dismissing talk of a “Semitic race”, laying down that there are only Semitic-speaking peoples. Thereupon he defined the Sephardim or southern Jews as a mixture of Oriental, Hither Asiatic, Mediterranean, Hamitic, Nordic and Negro, with the Oriental predominating. The Ashkenazim or eastern Jews he defined as a mixture of Hither Asiatic, Oriental, East Baltic, Inner Asiatic, Nordic, Hamitic and Negro, with the Hither Asiatic predominating. In so far as either the Oriental or the the Hither Asiatic element predominates in the presence of other, non- European, racial elements, Jews cannot rightly be regarded as White, which term can only rightly refer to those with a predominance of one or a mixture of several of the five White races classified by our authority, and this without the inclusion of any other racial element whatsoever.

Support for this view comes from Jewish authorities themselves. For instance, the South African Rand Daily Mail(15 May 1972) under a headline “Jews Are Not White” quoted Jewish scholar, Prof. Leonard Fein of Brandeis University in the U.S.A., as addressing a congress of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, and saying:”You are not Whites – either symbolically or literally …”

In his scholarly book “The Genetics of the Jews ” ( Clarendon Press , Oxford, 1978) A.E. Mourant declared: “Nearly all Jewish communities show a substantial proportion of African Negroid marker genes, such as to imply a total Negro admixture of the order of 5 to 10 percent.” There can be added to this the statement of Dr. Leo Sachs, head of the genetics section of the Weitzmann Institute of Science in Israel, speaking in New York on a visit a while back, that his study had revealed that all Jews “have certain strong similarities in certain characteristics, such as the fingerprints, which indicate ancestral origin in the Eastern Mediterranean.”



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FOLK ~  Continued


Europe’s birth rate, a sure barometer of the salubrity of its system,  now stands at its lowest figure since records began 36 years ago, reported the London Daily Telegraph (2 December 1993). This is well below replacement level, which is a standstill situation requiring a fertility rate of 2.1 babies per female. Yet by 1986 the rate had come to stand at in Brit- ain only 1.7, in France only a trifle higher, in West Germany only 1.3,  and in Denmark and Sweden about the same. Between 1966 and 1974 the German birth rate – which had much increased under the National-Socialist regime through its measures of direct encouragement beyond the general effect of its ethos, plunged under demoralizing Democracy from 17.8 births per 1,000 people to 10.1, and now stands at a record low.

News just out is that a sperm-count survey of British males has shown a very severe slump in fertility further endangering the birth rate. This disturbing development mayor may not relate to the devitalized diet and damaged environment under cash-dominated Democracy. Rudolf Hess, setting the procreative tone of National-Socialism in contrast to the sterile, pleasure-and-profit craving of decadent Democracy, was reported in the Volkischer Beobachter (25 December 1939) as declaring: “The highest duty which a woman can do for the community is to contribute to the continuation of the nation through racially healthy children.” Nothing all the Clintons and Majors of this world have ever said or will ever say has come or will come remotely near the importance of this declaration.

In pursuit of this governing impulse of racial continuation, there were state loans to newly married couples of healthy German blood with no interest charged for a year after each birth, and 25% of the loan knocked off for each child born, and with coupons issued for the purchase of household goods. These benefits were funded through taxation of the unmarried, this arrangement providing a further encouragement to procreation. So that the children were properly cared for by the mother as her most valuable form of work, it was not only a condition of receipt of these benefits that the wife did not go out to work, but the all-round care for motherhood of the National-Socialist state removed the economic need for this deviation which is a feature of the child-renouncing and child-neglecting Democracy.

Honouring motherhood, the birthday of Hitler’s mother was made the “Day  of the German Mother”, and in public ceremonies those attaining 4 or 5 children received a bronze “Mother’s Cross” .those attaining 6 or 7 a silver cross, and those attaining 8 or more a gold cross. Cross holders received numerous special allocations, allowances and other privileges.

The anti-racial, Christian stigmatizing of “illegitimacy” was replaced by the authorities with the racial criterion whereby no healthy child of good race could be regarded as “illegitimate” .Said Dr. Leonardo Conti , Minister of Health: “The Fuhrer welcomes every newborn citizen of the Reich whether or not its producers are in possession of a slip of paper called a marriage licence.” In this enlightened spirit the Lebensborn project took shape. Its primary purpose was to stop the abortion of healthy, racially valuable babies through the provision of special maternity homes for unwed or widowed, expectant mothers.

Returning, sadly, to today, while the White birth rate in Europe has become so suicidally low, Coloured immigration to Europe and the Coloured birth rate within Europe has soared. British readers are probably well enough aware of its magnitude in their country as not to need data here. Germany had by 1990 acquired 5.2 million foreign immigrants without citizenship, and this not counting the horde of asylum-seekers. Even Sweden’s 8 million inhabitants now include over a million not of Swedish origin. Portugal’s President, Mario Soares, in a statement in 1995, uttered the racial obscenity that “Portugal is honoured to have so many Africans here. It is our tradition. They are our brothers ” ( The Washington Times U.S.A., 19 June 1995).


The U.S.A.”s population record reveals to the full the tragedy of the persistent failure of the Aryans to practise racial self-defence. Prior to the last two decades of the last century, immigration was restricted to Northern Europeans from Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, so that a vast expanse of new territory with enormous resources was set to become something approaching a Nordic Utopia. The first point of departure from what could have been a real “American Dream” come true was in the final two decades of the last century when immigration from Southern Europe was allowed to set in and surpass, followed by the admission of a huge Jewish immigration  and other non-Nordic immigration from Eastern Europe. The final stage of opening the door to all and sundry in spoliation of an idyllic prospect  came in 1965 when a new law, put forward by the Jew Emmanuel Celler, allowed in immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In consequence of Celler’s sabotage, by 1991, as revealed by the latest census to that date, the European stock in a then nation of 250 million had gone down to less than 77% with 62 million being mainly of Negro or Hispanic or American-Indian ancestry. Since then the ten top sources for legal immigration have become Mexico, the Phillipines, Korea, China and Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba; and an official of the Immigration & Naturalization Services has stated that even by the mid-1970s there could have been in addition 12 million illegal im- migrants, more and more of whom daily come pouring over the border from Mexico.

The Population Reference Bureau was reported in the Tulsa World (10 oct- ober 1982) as estimating that Whites will be a minority in the the year 2080. The same south-western American newspaper reported (4 December 1992) Census Bureau predictions that during the next 60 years  Blacks will increase from 32 million to 62 million, Hispanics from 24 million to 81 million, and Asians and Pacific Islanders from 9 million to 41 million. The White fertility rate is the lowest on record, and, symbolically, the very capital – Washington D.C.  -is now three-quarters Negro.  The American “melting pot” creed of Democracy displays itself today in its refuse-strewn, structurally and administratively decaying, drug infested and crime ravaged, mongrelized cities as the agency for the reduction of civilization to the rubbish heap. Britain and the rest of the Aryan world lags not so far behind in following suit.


Turning to the Coloured world proper, whose time seems to have come, China – now manifesting the mounting reality of “The Yellow Peril” of incipient anxieties of the past -reached a population of 1.2 billion last year (1995). India then had a population of 850 million, growing at a rate of 17 million a year, and estimated to reach a billion by the shortly approaching end of this century. Africa then was not far behind with 650 million. Mexico, with the highest birth rate in the world, is expected to reach 163 million by the year 2000; Africa 900 million, Pakistan 194 mil- lion, Indonesia 238 million, Bangladesh 209 million, Brazil 268 million, Philippines 102 million, Japan 132 million, Vietnam 101 million, Russia 346 million. once great, now little Britain is expected to have, immi- grants and all, 56 million by the year 2000.

Putting figures together, United Nations experts in 1992 estimated that over the present decade the average annual rise in world population wil be 97 million, almost all of this in Africa, Asia and Latin America London ( Daily Telegraph 30 April 1992). Asia’s population as a whole and alone is expected to reach 4 billion by the year 2000.

Climatic changes, responsible in the past for major migrations as we  have seen, were portended with similar consequences in a 800-page “Global 2000 Report” to the U.S. President, prepared by the U.S. State Department  in 1980. It said that “major world climate changes are under way” whereby “starvation and famine could lead to social unrest and global migrations  of populations”. Drought “could lead to the shifting of races. The mov- ing of entire nations is possible with severe weather patterns.” ( The West Australian, 10 May 1976).

At aImost the same time, Algerian President Boumedienne predicted in  1974:- “No quantity of atomic bombs would stem the tide of billions of human beings who some day will leave the poor southern parts of the world to erupt into the relatively accessible spaces of the richer northern hemisphere looking for survival. “

You cannot say you have not been warned. This can be “the final solution” of the Aryan problem for the rising and resentful Coloured world.  Even now a current, authoritative estimate is that potentially there are 50 million “refugees” desiring access to White countries. Unless the  Aryan miracle of resurgence, put forward in the Vanguard conception, comes about and soon, the Whites of the world are most certainly going to be over- whelmed by the sheer strength of the breeding numbers of the Coloureds of the world.


What is the Vanguard conceived to do in the face of this most appalling situation? To begin with, its members have to become adequately prepared for their gigantic task. This means becoming sufficiently knowledgeable racially, and thereby sufficiently alert and enthused racially. This in  turn means studying systematically and fully the facts of racial differentiation; and getting further to know our Folk by thoroughly learning its history, including that considerable part preserved and embodied in folk legends and folk customs, and thus coming to cherish our racial heritage with unrelenting and unbeatable intensity. On top of that it also means learning the nature and extent of the menace to our Folk from the Coloured world and its influx into ours, and from the renegade, race mixers in our midst, identifying persons and practices, and from this learning our needs and devising our methods in meeting the menace.

Such preparation is the indispensable precondition for effective com- bative and remedial action. The pursuit of this condition of readiness is  for the Vanguard, as a legion of doers, something far removed from both the studies of the armchair student and the desultory dabblings of the ordinary political person: people who are not doers but merely observers. The Van- guard even in this preparatory mode is a developing militia of the mind.  After, and only after all such necessary preparation can this militia pro- ceed to function effectively in active service for our Folk.

Through the requisite, racial insight thus gained the Vanguard will be led inevitably and emphatically to centre its thought decisively not on country or state above race, but on the race as a whole as a community. This places us in contrast to and in opposition to all those who differ  from us on this, be they nationalists or fascists, whose top allegiance is to the state and its nation determined and circumscribed by geography, or  all those Democrats who see residence alone, regardless of race, as determining nationality and the national community.

Democracy’s characteristic conception is that of any and every non-Aryan allowed to enter Britain becoming by virtue simply of residence here as British as our ancestral Aryan stock. This is an absurdity pernicious to the point of oscenity which the Vanguard utterly rejects. Instead, as a political starting pointe, it proclaims nationality to be rightly a matter of race.


Thinking positively with the blood, which is the definition of the real racialist required for the Vanguard, brings immediately within any country  a sense of solidarity, a feeling of true kind-ness, arising from racial kinship within that country, which transcends all divisions other than  those of race. It also excludes that unbridled individualism professed  by the liberal lobby in Democracy which theoretically views man as something self-contained and separate from instead of inseparable from society. With our National-Socialism the only valid, human classification is one according to racial quality and usefulness to the racial community.

However, with our development of National-Socialism according to its inherent implications, its racial awareness, its sense of kinship, cannot logically stop there. It has to extend to the realization that this think- ing with the blood must mean that the race as a whole, the dispersed and yet-to-coalesce Folk as a whole, transcends in turn the divisions of con- ventional and contemporary nations. It has to lead to the conclusion that conventional and contemporary nationalism is not enough, is not good  enough, indeed has to be clearly and unequivocally rejected as harmful because of its divisive effect.

It has to result in the conviction that the greater nation must be seen as nothing less than the race as a whole. The higher nationalism of that Folk as a whole must be seen as supreme, deserving and commanding our higher allegiance. All other forms of nationalism are lesser, and only justifiable in so far as they are in accord with and subsidiary to that higher nationalism of the whole race. The arrival at this realization is the high mark of racial readiness for the struggle.


This great advance in thinking to the point of full Folkism has to be reached by the Vanguard as an absolutely necessary, revolutionary move matching and accompanying its other absolutely necessary, revolutionary move, already dealt with, of a religion related throughout to race. We cannot hope to win, unless we summon to our side the needed extra power to be derived from these two great, ideological advances. Anyone who cannot bring himself or herself to make the giant step forward in these respects cannot want victory enough to be fit for the Vanguard. It is as simple as that.  This does not mean that we fancifully cease to see that the beginning of reformative action is at home in our own homeland, and that our own homeland and its native people are particularly dear to us by immediacy of attachment. What it does mean is that we abjure the myopic madness of  petty nationalism which in putting soil before blood has brought our blood on our soil to the brink of extinction.

Instead of the continuation of inter-Aryan conflict we must have whole- hearted acceptance of the fact that the survival and the revival and the welfare of any and every part of the Aryan Folk can only be found and must be sought in the survival and the revival and the welfare of the whole.  Only if we accept wholeheartedly to stand together against the advancing Coloured world can we avoid falling together before its impact.

The nationalists who clamour for “national sovereignty” rightly point to the defects of the E.E.C., but mostly do so to the disregard of the fact that these defects are largely the intrinsic defects of Democracy present in all the member-states of the E.E.C., and simply reproduced in enlargement in the E. E .C .The “national sovereignty” of an ostensibly independent Britain which they make such a fuss about happens to be not the self – government of a truly free because racially liberated Britain but the spurious one of the sovereignty of the Jews in and over London instead of the sovereignty of the Jews in and over Brussels and the E.E.C.’s Continental domain, which is hardly a choice worth getting excited about. Against  both such forms of thralldom, what we need and want is Racial Sovereignty.


Surely we have now seen enough of the way in which nationalism in more recent times and tribalism before then has wreaked ruin on the Aryans to  the benefit of the non-Aryans? Surely it is by now incontestable that we just cannot afford to let it continue any longer if we are to have and to deserve the slightest chance of survival against those hordes of the dark peoples gathering at our gates to overwhelm us? A global problem with a  global enemy stands before us. We can only deal with that problem and de- feat that enemy if, understanding what it is all about, we respond as a united Aryan force with a united Aryan creed.

We cannot go it alone, and with any lesser perception. Even if, alone, we managed to gain power in Britain, since that power would not be part of a greater power beyond Britain, we would be crushed by other, retaliating segments of the world enemy. So to seek national sovereignty in separation and isolation from the rest of our racial kith and kin, the Folk as a whole, is to ensure failure for one and all.

What is here advocated is nothing other than a natural progression  through racial awareness. The Aryan peoples divided and separated in the  past, resulting eventually in the countries and nations of today, and there the process has halted so far, but without any logical finality to it. In  place of the division and dispersal of the Aryan peoples we must now bring about a life-saving fusion, if we are to withstand the appalling peril we are in. Norwegian writer, Henrik Ibsen, voiced the vision when he said: “I view Scandinavian humanity as an intermediate stage toward a union of the entire, great Germanic tribe.”

This is not internationalism of the old Democratic order, which is in- herently anti-Aryan. It is the supra-nationalism of Aryan unity in a new, National-Socialist order. We have come to the very last chance in the very last hour, and we will either come together in treating our race as a nation, or we will go down together into oblivion. Take your choice here: there is no other!

This process of Aryan coming together represents a departure from Democracy’ s anti-racial notion of the bond of common “humanity” , and a return to the Teutonic notion of “frith” .This latter was defined by Vilhelm Gronbech in his brilliant 2-volume work, “The Culture of the Teutons” (English edition: Oxford University Press, 1931) as the sense of reciprocal support, issuing from the consciousness of kinship, which imbued our Teutonic or Gothic ancestors.

Quoting Gronbech (P. 172, Vol. 1):- “In order to fill his place as a man, the Germanic individual must first of all be a kinsman. The morality, sense of right and sense of law that holds him in his place as a member of a state community, as one of a band of warriors, or a religious society is dependent upon his feelings as a kinsman; the greater his clannishness, the firmer will be his feeling of community, for his loyalty cannot be other than the sense of frith applied to a wider circle.”

Gronbech continued (P. 173):- “Clan-feeling is the base of all spiritual life and the sole means of getting into touch with a larger world. The same power which makes the Germanic individual a kinsman prevents him from becoming a limited family being and nothing more. The strength and depth of frith and honour mould the clans together in alliances, and call larger  communities into existence.”

Since the Vanguard is designed to be in practice no less than an antici- pation in microcosm of the New Order of its beliefs, it follows that  throughout it must reflect the return to and the refinement of frith.  Hence it must be bedded in the principle that wherever in the world there stands someone of our Nordic Folk, or at least of our White races, and  someone moreover of our ideology based on race, there stands a comrade; a comrade we have vastly more in common with and are far more bonded to than any other person of either our own or any other nationality, and of other views. The Nordic Briton who is a Democrat and anti-National-Socialist  means nothing to us in comparison to comrades by both race and ideology. In the practice of this principle we have especially, as a fundamental  point of honour, to care for our comrades wherever in the world they are imprisoned or otherwise suffer for our beliefs.


Since throughout earlier pages the Nordics have been particularly sin- gled out and upheld, being still, if now only barely so, the biggest single constituent in the White population of Britain, and historically its predominant, formative force, let it now be made quite clear, following the call for racial unity just made, that we are here thinking and talkin~ of all the White races of the world, several of which and not just one are represented in Britain, and in a great part of her native inhabitants.

Within White solidarity as a whole there can be and should be comfortable room for a subordinate Nordic solidarity, along with subordinate solidarities for the other White races. Subordinate recognition does not in prin- ciple and must not in practice mean any divisive disparagement of one by another. Instead, it must be seen as the first level of an extensive, racial feeling, appreciation of a more immediate kinship being essential for the nurture of a feeling of kinship at a less immediate and secondary  level; the natural progression to a perception of a bond between all the White races being through a perception of the bond between the fellow Nordics of those White races.


Members of the Vanguard, advancing in racial awareness to the necessary perception and pursuit of racial solidarity worldwide, will surely be led  in their concern for the continuity of their Folk to mate not according to some blind, sexual impulse in the Democratic context of syrupy “love” as  a mere pastime of pleasure, a recreation removed from racial purpose, and under the sole rule of king condom; but instead motivated by high respect  for the Folk’s past and high obligation to the Folk’s future. In this purposeful frame of mind they will perforce be interested, as conducive to racial pride and resolution, to learn of their own lineage by genealogical investigation, and that of the prospective partner also, and in advance of consummation of the liaison; differing thus from the deracinated nomads of Democracy who lack any sense of racial roots in the past or racial stake  in the future. Accordingly, they will only select as mate someone of Vanguard status also, matching the Nordic element of one partner to the Nordic element of the other, and so leading to the procreation of Nordic or pre- dominantly Nordic children.

If and when the offspring arrive, the Vanguard parents should see in  their most careful upbringing a great, personal contribution to Aryan civilization far surpassing the whole round of ordinary, political party activities over a lifetime with its endless solicitation of the approval of the stupefied dupes of Democracy, culminating in the wasteful folly of futile electioneering; a folly which will be dealt with in Part Six of this series. In the selection of a partner of equally high racial quality and ideologica.l commitment, and in the production and right rearing of children of high racial quality, members of the Vanguard will be performing a function of enormous importance which, moreover, can be accomplished here and now, and is not dependent on success in chasing that will-o’-the-wisp, the fantasy of ballot box victory. It follows from all of this that there cannot be any place at all in the Vanguard for homosexuals, being those who effectively say “no” to racial continuity.

An entirely non-Christian name-giving ceremony should be the racially meaningful start in life of every infant of Vanguard parents. Wilhelm Gronbech, referred to earlier, stressing the importance of the name-giving ceremony for our Teutonic or Gothic ancestors, pointed to indications of a time when the Folk life of the child was reckoned from the day when the father formally adopted the child by bestowing the name, thereby instilling frith, the spirit of kinship, in that child. Today, in a ceremony  both simple and solemn, rendered holy by its significance, a two-fold confirmation should be enunciated: on the one hand the welcoming induction of the new member of the Folk is to be joyfully declared, and on the other hand there is also to be declared the parents’ promise to care for the  child who is explicitely dedicated to the Folk. For added reverence, the naming and the parents’ pledge can well be performed in the ancient Gothic custom of oath-taking by extending the right hand, the weapon hand, to  touch a ceremonial dagger, kept as the sacred symbol of home and family.

The following lines from a child’s name consecration ceremony in National-Socialist Germany captured the desired spirit of keeping troth (racial fidelity) which the name-giving ceremony of the Vanguard is intended to convey, and can be included in our contemporary ritual. 1) ” Thou art not today and art not tomorrow thou art 1,000 years before thee and art 1,000 years after thee 2 ) 1,000 years before thee have guarded thy blood that thou become just what thou art 3 ) Guard thy blood , that the generations that come 1,000 years after thee have cause to than thee “

As to the actual forenames to be bestowed, it is imperative that Vanguard parents should testify to their and the child’s racial identity and  purpose by bestowing Aryan (Nordic) ones. So away with all the Jewish ones adopted in servile veneration of the Hebrew Old Testament, namely John,  Matthew, Mary, Ann, Hannah, Daniel, David, Michael, Elizabeth, Sarah, sam- uel, Rachel, Susannah, Benjamin, Abraham and Deborah  It is no way to  start a future Aryan fighter off in life by inflicting a non-Aryan name on the child. That our own parents have been so misguided as to do it to us is no reason for us to re-impose the burden on another generation.  Let us instead give old Celtic and Germanic/Teutonic/Gothic names some examples of which here follow. Celtic:- Alan, Brian, Bridget, Donald, Dun- can, Gwendolyn, Kenneth, Malcolm, Muriel, Neil, Owen, Una. Teutonic:-  Albert, Arnold, Baldwin, Carl, Gerald, Harold, Richard, Herbert, Robert, Edgar, Roger, Edmund, Raymond, Ralph, Alfred, Eric, Frederick, Edwin, God-  win, Caroline, Charlotte, Astrid, Audrey, Bertha, Edith, Matilda, Brunnhilda, Sigrun, Sigmund, Thora, Gudrun.

From this auspicious start, the Vanguard parents should ensure that the child is thoroughly educated and trained by them to become eventually part of the Vanguard. The child should be steeped in the wonderful story of our Folk, brought to see service to it as the overriding purpose of life, and armed to withstand all the influences of the schools and the outside world in general harmful to our Folk.

It is revolting to observe the great percentage of offspring of both nationalists and even ordinary National-Socialists, so-called, who are entirely reflective of Democratic degeneracy in their dress, addiction to  jungle noise miscalled “music”, and their whole way of thinking and behav- ing. Their pathetic parents, forever prattling of what they will do for  the nation when they are voted into state power, have proved utter failures at even bringing up their own children properly in that state in miniature  which is the home, and over which they should be the rulers.

No less revolting are those parents of the nationalist and nominally National-Socialist organizations whose offsprings grow up encouraged and applauded by those parents to become simply and solely “successes” as players in the shekel-hunting arena of Democracy. The “success” of these cas t- aways of the race is but the reward for their abject conformity to the values and habits of the death system, and the measure of their parents’ shameful neglect in effectively committing them to this alien bondage in- stead of to the cause of our Folk.


Brought to a state of readiness for the fight, the aristocrat of the Vanguard will daily demonstrate his or her worth by waging relentless racial war on all exponents of, campaigners for and conformists to racial mixture. All those in government, administration, commerce, industry, the churches and the media striving to promote racial mixture by exhortation or example or the exertion of pressure – including all imposed publicity  and advertisement designed to familiarize favourably the presence of Coloureds and their association with Whites – are race criminals working for the death of our race, and thus deserving of the death penalty.

All those who fall in line with their diabolical endeavours, besmirching their ancestry and terminating their blood line by cohabiting with Coloureds and copulating with them and bringing forth mongrel offspring merit treatment as the foul renegades they are. All those who in lieu adopt Coloured children instead of either having children of their own or adopting  Aryan children deserve and must receive similar treatment as outcasts.

All those who continually with the begging bowl solicit subsidies for the Coloureds abroad are in effect seeking to promote Coloured reproduction to our increased jeopardy through the donations obtained. Thus they have to be forcefully treated as the scum they truly are.

All of the evil teaching fraternity, engaged in the daily indoctrination of our children with the deadly poison of racial mixture, depriving our Folk of a whole generation, have to be fought against ceaselessly to the full. They must be made to feel the biting impact of our rightful fury.

This is the way of the warrior: taking the war to the enemy’s door. It is a way American prisoner of racial war, David Lane – associate of prototype vanguardian Robert Mathews who died gloriously fighting the enemy – has expressed in his definitive 14 words: “We must secure the exististence of our people and a future for White children.” (Send a donation for David Lane’s literature to:- 14 Word Press, HCOl -Box 268K, St. Maries, Idaho, 83861, U.S.A.)

There is even more to the matter of Race than the primary need to preserve the racial stock of the White peoples of the world, and especially for us the Nordic breed, and to this end to appreciate and implement the full implications and requirements of racial kinship. There is also the supplementary need to upgrade the racial stock by breeding measures of bet- terment, and this vital, eugenic aspect of Folk will be dealt with in the next part of “The Way Ahead” .       


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The Way Ahead ~ Part 6 Is electioneering the way to win?


The objective of the Vanguard is success in the pursuit of power : power meaning the whole compass of opportunity and ability to implement our ideas for the salvation, upliftment and prosperity of the Aryan peoples. For this successful pursuit we need the right sort of people, inspired by the right sort of ideology, and brought together in the right form of organisation with the right methods. Nothing else will suffice.
In thus defining our purpose, we are currently prompted by the proximity of a General Election in the United Kingdom to raise the question whether the conventional political party with its integral commitment to election- eering is the right form of organisation with the right sort of people and the right methods for our purpose. Does it instead represent a woefully mistaken, habitual conformity to gross waste in the pursuit of an utterly illusionary aim ?

The British National Party and other lesser nationalist parties in this country, where at present there is no outright National-Socialist party, believe that the way ahead must be through a political party contesting elections. The BNP has accordingly committed itself to putting up 50 candidates in the forthcoming General Election, a target fixed precisely because of the free, five-minute television and radio time this extent of candidature will entitle it to, along with free mailing of election literature. It and the other participant parties of nationalism are currently convulsed with high excitement in their feeling of having climbed out of the shadows of comparative obscurity to join in “the big time” of ballot box competition.

The BNP explicitely recognises, realistically, that on this occasion it cannot expect to capture any parliamentary seats, or even in almost all constituencies to regain -through securing the necessary proportion of the total votes cast -the �0 deposit required of a candidate by the authorities. Nevertheless, it is insistent that the operation will prove immensely worthwhile in the recruitment obtained through contesting. It rightly points out that for a cost of some �,000 in deposits and the other expenses of contesting, such as printing costs (although not accounting for the value of all the time expended by party members on the electioneering), the party can gain around �million of television time, plus the value of the accompanying radio time, plus something in the region of �,000 of postage. Considered purely on this arithmetic, the financial return so exceeds the financial outlay as to make the venture greatly worthwhile. However, a full and accurate assessment has to delve much deeper than this attractive but superficial reckoning.

Recruitment, the BNP has named as the immediate objective and justification for its electioneering, so what volume of recruitment and quality in that volume can be expected for the expenditure of the �,000, plus the value of all the time expended? Set by its own criterion, the BNP case for fighting the 1997 General Election stands or falls on this asessment. In the final analysis this becomes the simple question of what amount of extra work and financial assistance can be expected from the total of election-won recruits in return for the total expenditure in obtaining them, and subtractlng from this the further cost in accomodating them and keeping them content with membership. We will look into this crucial question in the course now of an examination of the whole question of party politics under Democracy.

Democracy is the Great Pretence in politics, the pretence that the peo- ple rule themselves whereas in fact some particular people do the ruling for them. Under it, periodically we have a festival of head counting whereby, after candidates acceptable to the permanent dictators behind the scenes have been put before the public, and notions favourable to those candidates have been implanted in the minds of the public by the media, the public are said to decide between these candidates and so determine the government.
Certainly some extent of divergence is necessarily presented between the approved candidates in order to give the illusion of free choice. However, the divergence is kept within the family, as it were, confined within safe bounds. Thus the seemingly different parties are virtually but different wings of the same team, wholeheartedly agreed as one and the same in opposition to what National-Socialism holds to be vital for the salvation, up – liftment and prosperity of the Aryan peoples.

Consistent with this, whenever the contrived array of parties comes up against a potentially dangerous outburst of discontent, safety valves are created. Bogus champions of rebellion are set up as in the case of Enoch Powell in the 196Os on immigration, and now on European union the billionaire, Jewish financier, sir James Goldsmith, and his Referendum Party, and, to cater for all tastes, the United Kingdom Independence Party. Showing their bogus nature, both of these parties have a lot to say about the infringement of British national sovereignty by the European authorities at Brussels, but not a single word about the infringement of our sovereignty by way of the alien influence in and on British government at London emanating from such as the fellow tribesmen of Goldsmith. Patriotic Britons who persist in remaining blind to this disqualifying contradiction, hailing these fakes as St George – like saviours, are pitiable in their so easily satisfied gullibility.

Goldsmith at least lives up to his name. The Sunday Teleqraph (London, 21 April 1996) revealed regarding this shining crusader of Britain’s national sovereignty nitwits, descended from the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt, Germany:- “He keeps his wealth in gold and foreign currencies, dipping in and out of the world’s stock market like a gambler when he senses a swift profit.”

One thing we can be certain of is that this man’s profit is not ours, swift or otherwise. Anyone so shallow minded as to be drawn by election fever to support him or any other representative of the Old Order of Democ- racy is clearly and conclusively feeble and not of Vanguard quality. What we need and want is freedom from the Goldsmiths of this world, whether based in Britain, Brussels or the Back of Beyond. Getting Britain out of Europe is not the supreme need. Getting the tribe of Goldsmith out of power in Britain and elsewhere is.

The success of the Great Pretence of Democracy is attributable to the success of its practitioners in utilising the power of the media which they almost exclusi vely control, including the posi ti vely hypnotic power of the kind of image radiation peculiar to television which makes it unique as a means of mind control because of its magnetic capacity. These radiations, resulting from the electronic scanning peculiar to television, bombard the brain at a rate beyond the ability to cope of that part of the brain ca- pable of reasoning, so that the passively uncritical part of the brain pre- dominates. This visual hypnotism is comparable to the audio hypnotism achieved by repetitive, ultra-rapid “rock”, radiated beyond the pulse rate of the human body, and thereby its ability to resist domination, which has reduced the younger generation to a zombie-like condition.
Democracy’s dictators have established their domination of the ballot box through their domination of this compelling force of the brain-bending box in well-nigh every home, whereby the minds of the masses are enslaved to the system. Thus this dictatorship cannot be overthrown by playing the party game of the ballot box in the absence of gaining power over the brain-bending box, either by acquiring an adequate television facility in competition or by putting the television transmitters of the dictators out of action and keeping them out of action. Even Adolf Hitler could not today have succeeded otherwise in attaining state power, and we have no faint shadow of a second Adolf Hitler around today.

The mental enslavement of the masses is set to be made even more secure by the forthcoming introduction of 30-channel, digital television on top of satellite and cable television. Thus will primary television be reinforced in providing a daily, round-the-clock domination of the minds of most of the people, and thereby the majority of voters in the beguiling business of parliamentary elections as the core of Democracy’s confidence trick concerning public rule. This digital access to the brain box as decisively influential to the verdict of the ballot box is to be in the hands of a consortium encompassing the British Sky Broadcasting of media magnate, Rupert Murdoch, whose mother was Jewish, making him by rabbinical standards Jewish too; Carlton Communications run by the Jew, Michael Green, worth �0 million; and the �5 billion Granada group; all very indicative of government of the people by and for the Chosen People.

So what of the BNP’s goal of five minutes on the box? The realistic answer is that it has to be measured in effect against the effect of all the rest of the time, day in, day out, year in, year out in which the dictators of Democracy have been and will be conducting on that box what amounts to constant electioneering. They have been conducting this in the ceaseless propagation of their propaganda, both directly in the presentation of alleged information,accompanied by the elimination of contrary information, and indirectly in the deliberate and highly suggestive projection of fic- tional material favourable to their aims, for example the portrayal of inter-racial liaisons in an attractive setting, this being far more effective than mere exhortation to this end. The BNP’s five minutes on the box cannot be more than an inconsequential flicker in comparison. Can the cost of this flicker prove worthwhile ?

In estimating the answer to this question, we have to ana lyse the nature of a political party in relation to the nature of the British public today. A political party today is a reflection of the Democracy under which it operates, whatever it may incorporate in seeming challenge to that Democracy. A party is wide open to the masses who have been moulded by indoctrination by the media of Democracy, and that party’s ultimate aim is to solicit successfully the sufficient approval of those indoctrinated by the media of Democracy. Electioneering and the party are thus inseparably linked, the electioneering of the party being pitched at the masses and the party in turn seeking to incorporate the masses.

The vast majority of the people who will watch the BNP’s appearance on television and will read the BNP election literature coming in the post will be either Whites who are firm opponents or hostile Coloureds, and on all of these the indiscriminate output will be completely wasted, so that in respect of most viewers and readers what will have been costless will be gainless. Beyond that there can be expected to be a comparatively small number of people who nod their heads in agreement, but who do nothing more about it. Beyond that there can be expected to be a comparively mi- nute number of people who are sufficiently stirred to write for more information and even to enrol. Among them will probably be a very small part of them who will not only continue their membership permanently, but prove prepared to contribute substantially more than the cost of retaining them, these last-mentioned being the ultimate gauge of the worth of the operation, and probably costing in terms of the expenses of electioneering for their procurement a very high price each.

The great majority of that minute minority who may be recruited, temporarily at any rate, as the reward of the current electioneering will be conspicuously and injuriously the products of Democracy, far more reflective of the system, its outlook, its values and its ethos than rebellious to it, theri rebelliousness in most cases being only to some part or parts of it without depth of perception of the interaction of all parts of the come pattern of decay. As carriers of the psychological diseases of Democracy, they will have at least as much capacity to infect others as to improve them.

As background to this, it has to be faced up to that the great bulk of British people of today, while certainly not the scum of the earth, equally certainly not the salt of the earth as so many nationalists fond of making out in flattering them for votes and membership. A great part of the best of the breed was thrown away in the death toll of mad wars against our brother nation, Germany. What remains has in most cases been duped and doped, degraded and corrupted by years of never-ending influence by the media of Democracy, their strength of character so sapped they have become docile to the point of acquiescence in their own national and racial ruination, displaying the dismal demeanour of a beaten people.

It is thus fantasy to think that salvation can come through soliciting masses. They will not be brought to undertake an uprising. On the other hand they will not take to the streets in violent defence of the system.As a motive force one way or the other regarding the rescue and resurgence of Britain, the general public is truly irrelevant.

The great majority of existing members of the nationalist parties, and great majority of those who may become members through electioneering and will be in the nature of things people of poor quality, part-timers, on talk, big on beer, small on effort, wanting to be entertained, giving little and requiring as much if not more to keep them in place, poor on staying power, so many of them losing heart or interest after a while. So it is that the party is always like a bath with the tap running but the plug pulled out. They reflect the hard fact that people at large are not by nature fitted to be political workers and fighters, but only bystanders occasional auxiliaries and suppliers of some money.

The form of organisation which is the party is thus condemnable because the ostensible cause of combating Democracy it perpetrates the self- defeating contradiction of throwing itself open to the products of that Demoracy, and seeking outside the approval of these products at large as access to and sanction for state power. This inevitably means, sooner or later, major compromise . It cannot be otherwise. The process is a vicious circle . The recruited members of the public, being carriers of the psychological disease of Democracy, maybe subtely but no less surely stamp their character on the organisation, influencing policy and practice towards compromise. The leaders of the party, under the pressure of the bulk of the members, are led into compromise in order to retain their support. They are furthermore led into it in order to attract new support from outside.
The domiant inclination in a party is thus to adapt, omit,tone down, however debilitating this trimming is to the purported policy for national resurgence, wherever original principles come to be experienced as severely clashing with the prejudices and shortcomings of the recruited members and the solicited public; prejudices and shortcomings induced and fostered by the very promoters of degeneration in power at present. Thus a party by its nature imports the thought, spirit and habits of Democracy, and is in constant danger of succumbing to them, being in this fashion taken over by democracy, and rendered incapable of conquering it.

Not suprisingly the vast majority of the members of nationalist parties, heavily infected with the way of thinking of Democracy, are readily responsive to, indeed always eagerly expectant of Democracy’s game of electioneering. One of the prime agitators for electioneering in one of these parties recently proclaimed that ” …nothing enthuses party members and activists like a General Election …” as he passionately proceeded to applaud and promote this propensity. Either incapable of perceiving the arguments against electioneering or incapable of pursuing the alternative paths to power, the votaries of electioneering are instantly aroused to feverish excitement by the bustle of this conventional competition, forfeiting with alacrity what circumspection they otherwise possess. By their shallow disposition they are forever itching to stampede to the polls, / to the feeding pens, and intent on making their leaders aware their favourite exercise which they fondly want and first and foremost expect.

The tiny minority, already present in the party or to come to it in consequence of its General Election publicity, who are capable of higher things than the dull round of party activity amid beery gossip ballot box delusions, can but be disabled and depressed by dispersal the mass of mediocre or even more deficient members, instead of being selectively recognised and set apart so that their superiority can put to best advantage.

This lumping together of the majority, who do and give little with tiny minority who do most of the work and provide most of the money in consequence are an elite, has been defended by one of the national leaders as a mixture beneficial to the party because the comparively inert majority help the party with some financial contributions and literature purchases. This advocacy of combination disregards the fact that these minor benefits could be coaxed from them without incorporating them in the organisation, instead dealing with them as auxiliaries outside thus without the nullifying cost of accomodating them inside,including the drag and deterrent they exert on the elite. It is an advocacy that comes strangely from a man fond of military analogies, since it is comparable to the advocacy of combining in one and the same unit back line pioneer Corps and front line Parachute personnel, a practice shunned by the British Army and every other army in the world.

While the BNP is currently foreshortening the election debate to the matter simply of contesting for the sake of television and radio time , whereby access to the public and resulting recruitment can be gained , this cannot be taken as the end of the line, but only as the beginng . Having started out on the election road, this and any such party will inevitably carried further along that road by the unleashed motive force involved in electioneering.

. This means, incontestably, a permanent tendency to compromise as the price of soliciting the votes of the masses. This is so because the masses, being in the state they are thanks to the success of Democracy in using the media in its possession to mould their minds, will never accept what is really necessary for national and racial salvation. Any alternative party which failed to compromise heavily, reducing its message to flattery and fleshy bribes and thus imitating the old parties of Democracy whose purpose is to keep the masses content with their exploitation in their degraded state as darkness falls, would be presenting to them a message essentially offensive to their vanity and taste in its appeal to the higher considerations of life above the lower. It would, therefore, not win their general support. The masses will not vote for their own upliftment in a higher order of society. This has to be accomplished without their support and request, despite them and indeed against them. It is absurd to pivot your whole project, as does a conventional party, on the submission of change to the decision of those who so need to be changed. You might as well make the case for law and order conditional on the approval of the criminals.

So the name of the party game, if it is to be played successfully, has to be compromise, compromise and still more compromise. The religious issue, namely the need to replace ruinous Christianity which is at the very bottom of our troubles, has to be avoided in a major move of self – emasculation in the cause of acceptability, so as not to lose the votes of all the Christians. Freemasonry, another instrument of corruption, has to be avoided, so as not to forfeit the votes of all the freemasons. The odious royal tribe has to be preserved from requisite condemnation, if not spoken favourably of, so as not to lose the votes of the multitude of doting ad- mirers. The foul din of the jungle called “rock”, so immensely damaging to our younger generation has to be compromised with too, at least to the extent of self – censorship if not explicit acceptance (as was officially awarded in an item in the December, 1996, issue of the BNP magazine, Spearhead. Queers, being now so numerous and obtrusive as a natural result of thesystem of perversion known as Democracy, compromise with them is similarly called for in the quest for popularity and electoral success.If enough votes are not obtained through a certain amount of compromise , then playing the party game more and more compromise is needed.

If , eventually , such a self – mutilating , new party did happen to win its way to state power as a government , you can take it as certain that the long – standing habit of compromise would have become so ingrained as to keep it permanently on the path of compromise to retain the state power acquired by the same means . Thus the nominally new party would become in fact nothing new at all . In a process of compromise it would come more and more to resemble the parties of Democracy it was supposed to replace.

Those in Britain who argue for electioneering as the way to power by courting popularity by trimming policy appropriately heavily rely on citing the electoral advances of “new” parties in Austria, France and Italy as proof of what can be achieved this way, and should be copied in Britain. What they do not candidly concede in the presentation of their argument is that the trimming they have in mind is so deep and extensive in its effect on principle as to change the nature of the party to that of more of a con- formist than a rebel. All three of the supposedly “new” parties they have in mind have compromised themselves out of the latter category into the former.
The nearer a “new” party draws to the policy and practice of the old parties, the nearer it gets to the electoral support the latter obtain. It can always advance in popularity by retreating further and further away from the principles required for real resurgence. The reward for this contortion in the course of the party game is not the reality of success. It is the reality of self-defeat. In projection of this mirage of success, we have held up to us the example in Austria of Jorg Haider and his “Freedom Party” which gained 28% of the Austrian vote in the November, 1996, European Parliament elections. Its deputy leader now in that European Parliament happens to be a Peter Sichrovsky, identified by the London Jewish Chronicle (22 November, 1996) as a Jew

. The Washington Post (U.S.A.; 1 December, 1996) said of Haider, “He disavows any plans for wholesale expulsions and stresses that he only wants to throw out illegal aliens and toughen citizenship laws. He also says that Turks and other immigrants from Islamic nations are welcome to stay if they adapt to Western secular traditions.” Will something like this crass compromise be attractive to election enthusiasts in the BNP as policy enough to present to the British public in respect of Britain’s Coloured Invasion?

As we in Britain await the Labour Party’s projected penalisation of “holocaust” denial, will those same election enthusiasts be happy to know that Haider the trimmer is already doing the job for our enemies of suppressing denial of this dogma of Democracy? He has expelled from his party a member who dared to deny the Jewish propaganda Sunday Times,( London, 17 December, 1995). From France we have held up to us the example of Jean-Marie Le Pen and his vote-chasing National Front. “Le Pen has indeed consistently supported Israel and in February 1987 met with representatives of 24 American-Jewish organisations with whom he had ‘positive and cordial’ exchanges,” reported Right Now , (U.K., No.10, 1996) quoting an interview in the Jerusalem Reportt of 27 February, 1992.

In a biography of Le Pen, who is a longtime friend of Robert Hemmerdinger, vice-president of the national committee of French Jews, the novel ist Roger Mauge wrote: “Before the meeting I had engaged in conversation with a young Jewish French doctor from Amiens, a member of the FN since 1988. He was fiercely proud to tell me of his huge admiration for Le Pen and that whatever the FN’s detractors may claim, it is not racist but a nationalist party and one with hundreds of active Jewish members, likewise black and brown members and supporters …” (Right Now , ( U.K., No. 10). Will those same BNP enthusiasts for electioneering endorse the same course of compromise for the BNP, namely cordial arrangements with Jewish organisations, and the admission of numerous Jews and Coloureds as members

From Italy we have held up to us the example of Gianfranco Fini and the National Alliance into which by drastic compromise he has turned the former fascistic , MSI. How drastic that compromise has been is shown by that a National Alliance delegation visited Israel in August of 1995 to meet Ephraim Zuroff of the baleful, Los Angeles-based simon wiesenthal Center , and in the following September Zuroff went to Rome to meet Fini at the party headquarters. Will those same BNP election enthusiasts who look to and acclaim Fini as a model, as they do regarding Haider and Le Pen , be prepared to follow suit and invite Zuroff to London to discuss co – operation in the pursuit of what are called “Nazi war criminals”?

The Institute for Jewish Policy’s 1996 Anti-Semitism World Report analysed the electoral advances of Haider , Le Pen , Fini and the like as being the consequence of seeking respectability by rejecting overt anti – semitism . Are the election enthusiasts of Britain’s nationalist parties similarly prepared to sacrifice principle in respect of the Jewish problelem fo the sake of attaining respectability? Some have already shown so.

The lure of electoral success has already caused supposedly “new” parties in Russia to compromise decisively in this respect. Nikola Lysenko , a former leader of Pamyat , has got himself elected to the Duma , the lower house of parliament, after renouncing anti-Semitism and declaring Israel is “Russia’s strategic ally” Jewish Chronicle, (London, 31 March ) Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the reputedly nationalist “Liberal Democratic Party”, has put himself on record as stressing that he views Jews as equal citizens, which is not so surprising since his own father was Jewish Jewish Chronicle, (London, 14 June, 1996).

In holding up as models for the BNP the performance of these parties of abject compromise, one of the BNP’s chief agitators for electioneering by drastic compromise, a Tony Lecomber, has gone almost the whole way in selling out principle for the sake of expediency. Spearhead (March, 1996) he has poured scorn on fascism and National-Socialism as something “old, stale and unsaleable”, terming any association with Hiler’s Natiohal-Socialist Germany “the kiss of death”. It only remains for this gentleman to consummate what he no doubt considers to be his smartness by coming out explicitely as anti-Hitler, as have certain other nationalist bodies in Britain already, that much more to curry favour with the moronic masses, and to seek to appease the enemy.

Contrary to the misconception of this misleading Mr Lecomber, National – Socialism is not a dead creed but a living one whose principles reamain as valid today as ever in the past. Properly understood, National-Socialism is neither restricted to the ways and means of the past in pursuit of those principles, nor it is driven to compromise those principles in in order to pursue different ways and means in different times, such as now .The commanding requirement is simply that changes must always be consonant with and not conflicting with those principles. That the brainwashed public is currently opposed to National-Socialism, which they misunderstand due to media misinformation, is no valid argument for shedding National – Socialism to appease that public. Instead, power has to be pursued in all ways possible which are consistent with the inviolate preservation of our principles, and these do not include the party game and electioneering

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Blood and Honour magazine 29


A living inspiration and example of the true National Socialist, an introduction

“More and more people are opening their eyes and coming to see that Hitler was right. They are coming to see that our real enemies, the people we should have fought, were not Hitler and the National Socialists of Germany but ‘World Jewry’ and it’s associates in this country.”
Colin Jordan – First NSM meeting, July 02nd, 1962, London’s Trafalgar Square
Colin Jordan was born in 1923 in Birmingham. He attended Warwick School where he won a university scholarship in History. Volunteering for the Fleet Air Arm, but unsuccessful on a pilot’s course, transferred to the Royal Air Force. While on deferred service awaiting flying training, his political ideas so developed that at the end of 1944, when deferred service personnel were transferred to the Army as then surplus to requirements, he declared his political opposition to the war and his support for a negotiated peace. As a result he was sent to the Royal Army Medical Corps in which he later became a unit educational instructor. On demobilisation he took up his adjourned studies ay Cambridge University. While doing so he also organised a University Nationalist Club, served on the staff of the University newspaper Varsity, and was a front bench speaker in debates at the Union Society. He graduated in 1949 with an Honours Degree. While at Cambridge he had joined the British Peoples Party and been elected to its National Council, and on leaving Cambridge he founded a Birmingham Nationalist Club which he conducted until moving to Leeds to take up a teaching post, and later moving to the Scottish Highlands as representative for a major company. During this period his first book Fraudulent Conversion, was published in 1955. Returning to the Midlands and to teaching, he joined the League of Empire Loyalists, becoming its Midlands Organiser, before founding the White Defence League in 1958. This merged with another organisation in 1960 to form a British National Party of which he was the chief officer, and from it emerged the National Socialist Movement under his leadership. Solely because of the NSM’s July 1962 Trafalgar Square rally, Colin Jordan was dismissed from his teaching post and disqualified as a teacher. He was then prosecuted and convicted for his speech at the rally and for his part in the NSM’s defence corps, and given a total of ten months imprisonment. In 1967 he was gaoled again, given 18 months for his writings. In 1968 the NSM was replaced by the British Movement under his leadership. In 1975 personal commitments obliged his retirement. Moving to Yorkshire home of his paternal ancestors, he has since confined himself to his writings.

“…the struggle is the great purpose of life. Even if it could be proved beyond the slightest doubt that we will not succeed and are doomed to failure, it would still be a necessity of life for the real National Socialist to fight for the cause to the utmost, and to inflict as such punishment as possible on the enemy.” Colin Jordan


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1889 – 1989 AH 100th Anniversary


One hundred years ago–on the 20th day of the fourth month of 1889, shortly after six in the evening-a most momentous event occurred in a small, hitherto insignificant border town in Austria. In Braunau was born that day to parents likewise insignificant a baby who had it in him to become the man against time. That is to say, within him was born the power to become the one capable of interrupting with a process of complete rejuvenation the whole trend of decay of that time, thus interposing a new era within the life-and-death cycle of the ages.
Living later in Linz as a teenager, it was there-as vividly described by his boyhood friend, August Kubizek (The Young Hitler I Knew, 1954 Allan Wingate of London edition, Chapter VIII)–that in the course of a night of communion with the stars at the summit of the Freinberg, the heavens opened up to him the secret of his life, and Adolf Hitler came to know himself as the man against time. Thereafter, he was a person possessed by the driving force of destiny through access to the realm of higher perception; this showing in the extraordinary brilliance of his magnetic eyes and the extraordinary timbre of his compelling voice. By virtue of this power he was more than a man in ordinary form.
So it was that he was able miraculously to mobilize the discontent of a defeated nation under a degenerate democracy, moving a handful of men in Munich at the start to become through ever bigger meetings and membership and public support the power which took over the state, produced the earthshaking articulation of the national will at the Nuremberg rallies, embodied it in the most popular regime in all history, and nearly–very nearly indeed-gained the final goal of a world supremacy essential for complete Aryan security. Here what stands out most is not that he failed at the final hurdle, but that he succeeded over so many for so long and so far, his being an achievement never before or after equalled.
Vastly exceeding any mere politician, Hitler was also of the nature of a seer and priest, and an artist as well, whose supreme artistry was the pursuit of superhumanity as the only surety of a postponement of time’s work of decay. Superhumanity was his ultimate ideal, because any really better society depends most of all not on better schemes but on better people to implement them; and producing better people depends most of all not on education and training, however important their roles, but on breeding them. The key to maximum progress is as simple as this. What is startling is man’s failure, apart from National Socialism, to make use of it. Thus is identified the exclusive and superlative merit of our creed.
Hitler sought superhumanity in two ways. Firstly, his concern was the protection of the Aryan as the human being of highest potentiality. His way to this was to make citizenship of the state a matter of membership of the nation, and membership of the nation a matter not of mere residence and thus mere geography but of race, and thus blood membership of the folk community of the Aryan. Secondly, within the Aryan folk-community his concern was the practice of positive eugenics to increase the best of the breed, decrease the lesser, and eliminate the defective worst. Here we have the pith and kernel of Hitler’s message of salvation, the quintessence of the saviour’s creed of National Socialism, his supreme justification proof against all censure.
Vengeful time in the form of the forces of ruin allowed the messiah of the Aryans but six years of nominal peace barely to begin his great work of turning this decaying age into the golden one. The same span of years of war brought his death and the undoing of all he had done. Forty-four years later, has this wondrous man and his cause gone for ever? Have they been completely defeated, utterly invalidated, eternally relegated to the outer reaches of rejection as the acme of anathema? Have the causes of the Untermenschen, the dark creeds of the “underdog”, finally and forever ousted the Weltanschauung for an Atlantis of the sons of sunlight?
Indeed it can well look so, at least at first glance and on the surface. Maybe, even on deeper consideration, his was indeed the last chance for a renascence before the cyclic conclusion of this age by atomic cataclysm, environmental exhaustion, and the disintegration of a mongrelized mankind. Maybe, this will be the end not merely of an age but of the world itself, to be succeeded by life on another planet. Time–and the extent to which the saviour lives on in his followers–will tell!
Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: and that is that “death” for a man of his magnitude can be no total extinction, as long as there are men alive to tell the tale. Instead, it is restricted to a transition whereby the optical and aural image of the man passes entirely to the screen of memory. The counterfeit Christ of the Christians has remained “alive” through 2,000 years, becoming, on this plane of existence, something not lesser but far greater than his prototype in one of the many Jewish messiahs of the period. It can surely be similar for Adolf Hitler, the messiah of the Aryans.
Decisive for his transfiguration is the fact–never to be neglected-that he was beaten not morally but only materially, and this by a vastly greater muster of men and armaments, and after a resistance the magnificence of which the world had never before seen. The crucifixion of his creed was by the spears of baleful war alone, devoid of higher sanction from any worthier creed. His was the spiritual victory. Thus his military defeat at the hands of his spiritual inferiors, and all their denigration of him, can but serve to enhance his true image, ensuring that he not only remains powerfully alive in spirit, but so much so that he can become the spiritual conqueror of the future. In this reasoning is encapsulated the whole higher meaning f)f human life, which is the struggle of the spirit to its victory over matter.

A man of the ages

His enemies have no doubt of his power of resurrection, given the patient and imaginative toil of his true disciples for whom honour is loyalty. His mountain home, the Berghof, had to be bombed to ruins, then the ruins had to be blasted to smithereens lest the bare stones become a shrine, and then a dense plantation had to be grown over the bare site, lest the mere ground became a place of pilgrimage. In that homeland of his, the democracy of the military conquerors had to concede moral defeat by dictating the perpetual banning of not only any revival of his NSDAP, but even the songs, the signs and the ideas of his National Socialism. Over all his enemies, even two score and four years after they have pronounced him dead–and prompting their never-ending daily defamation–hovers the haunting spectacle of a Hitler whose power defies death, and whose spirit lives on threatening their future.
Theirs is a dying world anyhow, spiritually stricken beyond hope of redemption, and thus incapable of averting the cyclic demise. In their frantic fear of Hitler’s spirit, they are well on the way to overreaching themselves through a denigration exceeding the bounds of credibility even for the captive herds of their media; thus causing a reaction in his favour. Nemesis may not only be possible, but not too far distant-they fear, and we hope. Some appreciable catalyst for this disillusionment can well come from the world-wide commemoration of his centenary, when–to the most agonizing disquiet of his enemieswe hold up a defiant torch to his memory with a
thunderous affirmation that, despite all they have done and said, for us Hitler was right.
This centenary is indeed for us a high time of meditation, a veritable sacrament of our faith in National Socialism which always has been in the depth of its nature a political religion, and must now have this quality brought to the surface and spread throughout its substance in order to have the capacity to contest and conquer the future. As we focus our thoughts on the founder of our faith, embracing his spirit, we bring to life in memory all those who have lived and died in his cause, holding hands with them, and likewise with all those today, wherever they are, who actively serve that cause. Thus we create in comradeship of spirit a bridge of dedication, past to present and present to future. In so doing, there comes to us in consequence an emission of the sacred flame which imbued him. Then, in that moment is born within us an invincible
renewal of the will to win. Heil! Hitler!


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Midlands News: 05.07.1962: Colin Jordan Interview

Colin Jordan (1923 – ) is a longstanding supporter of national socialism and has belonged to several British fascist organisations. Shortly after World War 2 he formed a “nationalist club” in Birmingham. Between 1955 and 1956 he was the Midlands Organizer of the League of Empire Loyalists. In 1956 he formed the White Defence League (WDL) and began publishing the racialist journal “Black and White News” which promoted race hatred. In 1959 he was appointed National Organiser of the British National Party (BNP) [this was a neo-facist party active 1959-1962, not directly related to the current BNP]. On 20/4/1962 Jordan launched the National Socialist Movement, and was sent to prison later that year for organising a para-military group. In July 1962 the National Socialist Movement held their first rally in Trafalgar Square promoting a campaign to ‘Free Britain from Jewish control’ this meeting (at which Colin Jordan spoke) descended into a riot and is the background to this interview. Colin Jordan was suspended from his teaching position at Stoke Secondary Modern Boys School on the 4th of July. In 1968 he founded the Coventry based “British Movement”.

Summary Bob Gillman interviews the fascist leader and Coventry school teacher Colin Jordan.

Bob Gillman (reporter) and Colin Jordan sit opposite each other on chairs. The reporter holds a microphone. Reporter: Mr. Jordan what will you do if you lose your job as a teacher? Jordan: Well, I shall obviously look for some other job. That might be a full time political job, I don’t know at the moment. Reporter: Have you done anything else but teaching? Jordan: Oh yes. I’ve been a commercial traveller at an earlier stage. Reporter: Do you think its justifiable for someone with your political views to be a teacher? Jordan: Certainly, If they keep their views out of the classroom as I have done throughout and that fact has been testified by my superiors in the profession. Reporter: Surely when you get involved in political activities like those in Trafalgar Square at the weekend – that must have an affect on your pupils. Jordan: The scenes in Trafalgar Square, the disorder, was entirely due to a gang of 150 Jews and Communists who went there with one intention, and that of breaking up the meeting. Now, there are many teachers who are associated prominently with extreme views of one sort or another. There are teachers in Coventry who go to school with a ‘Ban the Bomb’ badge, who’ve been fined for demonstrations, in one sort or another, there are many communists, why just myself? Reporter: If you hadn’t been in Trafalgar Square, propounding these views – these demonstrations wouldn’t have occurred. You must agree with that? Jordan: There would have been no trouble in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, if there hadn’t been a hundred and fifty people there with the intention, clearly revealed, before the meeting, of breaking it up, a group almost entirely composed of Jews and Communists, waving red flags. Reporter: You do agree that the majority of people in this country must take exception to your political views? Jordan: I think the majority of people in this country are sick and tired of coloured immigration, sick and tired of Jewish control, and given the chance of expressing their opinions would be in my favour on these points. Reporter: Now would you answer the question? Do you agree the majority of people in this country would not agree with your political views? Jordan: No, not for one moment. I’ve just indicated that I believe the majority would agree with my basic principles, certainly. Reporter: What do you feel about Jewish children in the school? Jordan: I personally feel that the sooner they and their parents take themselves to Israel, which is their country, the better for this country. Reporter: Do you feel that this tempers your treatment of them in school? Are there any Jewish boys in your class? Jordan: Not that I am aware of, but if there were I certainly shouldn’t take it out on a young child. This is a policy of ours which we put forward in a responsible fashion. To be adopted by the country as a whole, not something to be pursued through petty spite. Reporter: If you has a son at school, would you want him to be taught by a jew or a communist? Jordan: Certainly not. Reporter: And what would you do about it? Jordan: If I had a son and there was a danger of him being taught by a Jew I should do my best to remove him from the clutches of the Jew. Because this is England, he would be an English boy and I should be an English parent. Reporter: Therefore, you wouldn’t be surprised if parents tried to take their sons away from your class? Jordan: Not if Jews did not, no. Reporter: What if all, any other parents who didn’t agree with your politics? Jordan: I think that the opposition in this particular case is coming primarily from the Jews, I know more than that – I’m certain of it, I’ve been told by the Jews themselves, that they are going to get me out of my job, that they have the power to do it, it looks certainly as though they are trying. Whether they’ll succeed is in the lap of the God. Reporter: During the war you fought against the Nazis but now you appear to be advocating Nazi principles. Jordan: Well, first of all that’s some years ago, that’s quite correct. I volunteered when, shortly after leaving school. Later on, shall we say, my ideas began to crystallize and certainly if I had my time again I would say the last war was a mistake from the British point of view. Reporter: And you still feel that holding all these views its reasonable for people to allow you to go into school and teach their children? Jordan: Certainly, because I don’t teach these views in school. I teach boys of eleven or twelve, very simple arithmetic and very simple English. And if you can find a way of injecting my sort of views into very simple arithmetic, you’re a cleverer man than I am. [3 minutes 32 seconds]

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